Should Your Pet Have Its Own Activity Monitoring Device?

We’re a crazed race of fitness gadget users and most people have something that helps them monitor their health. That could be an app, a diary or the new obsession, fitness “watches”. Everyone has either heard of them or have one! There are the hybrid Apple Watch styles ones, fitness only ones like FitBit. And then there are the lesser known ones such as Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Misfit Ray.

They track everything from physical activity, food intake, heart and blood pressure. They are light-weight, easy-to-use and are popular with everyone from athletes and avid gym goers to my husband’s grandmother (true story!).

So why not get one for Your Pet?

In this day and age, pet health is as important as your own. There are yoga classes for dogs, massages for cats… I know one guy who was willing to pay more than a deposit on a house to get an arthritis treatment for his dog! Pets are as close as some people get to children, and you want your children to be healthy, happy and know where they are at all times! So why would you want anything different for your dog?

Health Monitors for Pets?

Surprisingly, health monitors for pets is a relatively new thing, but equally as important as its human counterpart. Of course, a health monitor for your pet can’t be as comprehensive as one is for a human, but many record body temperatures, others have location positioning, and some have activity monitoring.

Monitoring your pet’s movement and steps is a fantastic way to help them stay at their ideal weight and even lose weight too. Activity trackers such as Pawfit allows you to set a customised activity goal for your pet and also gives you a recommendation based on your pet’s breed and weight.

It can track your dog or cat’s daily activity including distance travelled, calories burned and overall physical activity. This kind of data is particularly helpful for identifying any changes in activity or mobility resulting from discomfort caused by injury or disease.

Couch Potato or Cat Potato?

Best of all, many pet activity monitors can be synced to the other thing most humans are connected to, their smartphone! This gives you quick and easy access to all your pets stats! So, if you suddenly realise your cat hasn’t moved from the sofa in 3 days, you can encourage her to get up and move about. If your dog isn’t the only one in the household that isn’t getting enough steps in, you can create a little fitness goal for you both to work together towards!

There are plenty of dog walking groups dotted across the UK – it’s a great way to get out of the house with your pet and meet likeminded people too. All while getting that all-important exercise in. Here’s a list of great groups you can join:

Should I Get my Pet an Activity Tracker?

So, the all-important question is, “should you get a health tracker for your pet?” The bias answer is, “yes”. We know that your pets mean everything to you and that their health is at the forefront of your mind. We also know that Vets bills are expensive, and a lot of illness and injuries could be prevented if your dog or cat was leading a healthier lifestyle. Even if your pets already healthy and active, as mentioned before, having the stats right in front of you means you can monitor their health in case of any changes.

On the other hand, even older or less active pets can benefit from them. They can help you keep an eye on your pet’s whereabouts when you are away and even monitor their sleep. Regardless, a pet activity monitor is not intended to replace veterinary care.

In short, pet activity monitors can be useful for any pet owner interested in improving a pet’s health. It’s also a fun way to learn about your dog or cats daily activities and encourage you to exercise with them every day. But remember, 10,000 human steps are equal to 20,000 pet steps since they have four legs!

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  1. I bought the Pawfit as a location device. I was surprised by how much I use the activity side of it!

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